Theology and Church History Papers


Articles by Erling Teigen

     * A Review of the Book of Concord– Kolb-Wengert

    * Academic Freedom in the Light of Confessional Theology

    * Book of Concord & the Norwegian Lutherans

    * Church Fellowship In the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America

    * Confessional or Conservative?—The Confessional Principle and Church Fellowship

    * Festschrift for Kurt Marquart – Consecration

    * God’s Power for Salvation: The Power of God’s Word in Law and Gospel for the Christian congregation

    * Prayer—Is it a Means of Grace? (The Biblical and Confessional Prohibition of Inter-Faith Prayer and Worship)

    * Quia Subscription to the Lutheran Confessions

    * The Book of Concord and Confessional Subscription Among Norwegian Lutherans—Norway and America

    *The Consecration of the Lord's Supper in Luther and the Book of Concord

    * The Doctrine of Church Fellowship in the Synodical Conference

    * The Ethics of Christian Fellowship and Union

    * The Legacy of Jakob Aall Ottesen & The Enduring Legacy of Preus, Koren, and Ottesen

    * Theology of the Cross

    * Use of the terms Predigtamt/Pfarramt In the doctrine of the Holy Ministry

Articles by others

Theodore Aaberg, Church Fellowship

Tom G. A. Hardt

    Borgå Agreement

    Justification and Easter

    The Confessional Principle: Church Fellowship in the Ancient and in the Lutheran Church

    The Ecclesiology of the Smalcald Articles

Martin Luther, The Wolferinus Letters